Task 1

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The process to do it:

Today we have just started with our first task. We hope that we do it right!! 

Well, in this first task we’ve had to look for information about TPACK. For doing this first task we have had to search six types of information maps and choose one in which, the teacher said, we had to put the answers of the four questions that she sent to us about TPACK. So we have chosen a spider-gram.

For doing this task, everyone started to read some pages about TPACK and we tried to understand what TPACK was etc. Then we distributed the questions pair groups of two people in order to do it faster. After that we sent the answers to our group Gmail.

The Star put all the questions in the order that he wants, he made a scheme to prepare it for the exposition, and he sent it to the other members to read it and understand the concept. Also we decided to see some videos in YouTube for example, Linda’s video, in order to have the idea clearer.

Silvia found a good page for doing main maps and Eric decided to do it for trying it. But when we tried to photocopy it, we couldn’t see properly the words because they were too small. So we decided to use the same style as Eric used in the web page, but we print it in parts and bigger to better understand the words. 

When we finished all the things that we have to put in the poster, we did two posters, firstly we were confused about that, but then it was funny and we brought both to class because in one of them we put all the things in one page and in the other we put the different answers in the front and behind the poster to see all the things clearly and more separate, so it was better for our classmates to see the concepts that we wrote in the poster.

Finally on Wednesday we had to show our assigment to the classroom, and we really like the way we have to do it, because it was a different dinamic and we found it really funny. Linda said to our star the things that were wrong and the things we have to improve, so we have learnt about this task that we have to communicate each other better in order to prevent these mistakes and we hope that the next task works better. Good job team! And thank you David for being our first star!

Here it is a picture with our mate, The Prickles group Star

We have commented in The Fuffy Guardians blog: http://thefluffyguardians.blogspot.com.es/

And we also have commented a blog from outside the class: http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/2015/02/an-introduction-to-tpack-for-teachers/#comment-112043

The Curator-Farmer work:

Posada, F. el modelo TPACK. Message posted to http://canaltic.com/blog/?p=1677

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The Analyst work:

During this task we´ve improved our capability of working together and the academic relationships between us. In my opinion, the best part of the activity was the coordination between us, how each member of my group did its part of the job and how we helped each other. In contrast, the worst part was that we did the presentation for two stars and finally we had to improvise to reduce that two stars´ screenplay in only one. Equally, the best moments of the week were the coordination and the solidarity of the members of the group during the realization of the task and also the nerves and the exciting atmosphere of the first presentation. The worst moment of the week was that we could only use one star instead of the two that we thought. I have learned the utility of TPACK as a useful tool for my future work as a teacher and the different types of information maps that I can use to organize and present some information. We need to conserve our solidarity and responsibility with the group for future tasks and the talent and originality we have. We need to improve our presentations and the information that we find on the Internet, it has to be more extensive and reliable. This content is related with other contents of this course because it also has the aim of find new ways and new tools of being better and more accurate in our tasks. This content also has a social connection because it´s related with the importance of technologies in our society nowadays and how they can help us to get better our lives, our works and so on.