For Introduce our group!

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Our members:

- Helena LaFuente Hidalgo                       - Álvaro Méndez Pérez 

- María del LLuch Martín Roldán              - Guillermo Martínez Mazón

- Raquel Paredes Ballester                       - Silvia de la Cruz Madrid Ayuso

- David O'Dea Rodríguez                          - Sofía Ortiz López 

- Eric O'Dea Rodríguez

And... We are "THE LOONATICS"!  Here we' ve add a photo of our pet group, ERIZIN 

Here is our group pet, ERIZIN

In our first class we had to present our selves and we had also to make a picture describing our lifes, hobbies and favourites things. Here they are: