Concepts task 1

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The Translator work:

1. Speed learning
It is methodology to learn fast. It is the basis of every learning is interest, It's the key to learn effectively and fast, but there are many other factors that influence speed learning. For examples having a good diet, doing exercise, not smoking and not drinking may help learning fast. Also are useful things that keeps our brain active, like colours when we study, otherwise the brain can go off and lose crucial information. For instance, the way we have made our presentation of TPACK with information maps help speed learning because it integrates a visual ideas of the concept. It's a combination of procedures that enables you to achieve some goals.

TPACK is an acronym composed by the words technology, pedagogy and content. It refers to a model to understand how to teach, It is a framework that includes inside macro and micro context of influence three different kind of knowledge and the interactions between them. These are content knowledge which is the mastery of the subject, pedagogical knowledge which is how to master it, and technological knowledge which integrates the use of technology in the context.

3. Information map.
It's a tool that enables to organise and representate in a graphic way and through an schema, the knowledge. It has it basis on theoretical approach of educational psychology. The objective of a conceptual map is to representate relations between different concepts that acquire the shape of propositions. The concepts usually appear inside circles or rectangles, while relations between them are manifested with lines that match each circle or rectangle. At the time to develop an information map is fundamental to follow a series of steps to reach the objective to show a fact in a clear and simple way. There are many types of information maps: Spider concept map, hierarchy concept map, flowchart concept map, system concept map.

4. Diagram
is a graphic representation of all the steps that forms a process. It is an esquematic representation of the succession of operations that compose a system. Every actions, is this sense, are interrelated to produce a specific result. Diagrams are very useful to express process of work, design, learning processes... They can be applied in different fields like education, economy, mathematics, psychology and so on. There are many types of diagrams: horizontal, vertical, architectonic and panoramic.

5. Concept:
concept means design, construction or symbol, conception, idea or opinion expressed, characterization. It's the formulation of an idea or a image through words. It means something conceived or formed in the mind, it’s considered a cognitive unit of significance. It is formed in the mind about something or someone and consists of a type of evaluation through an expressed opinion. It’s also a mental symbol, is an abstract notion that contains every word of a determinate language and correspond to a group of common characteristics to a kind of thing, objects or abstract entities, determine how things are.

For Introduce our group!

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Our members:

- Helena LaFuente Hidalgo                       - Álvaro Méndez Pérez 

- María del LLuch Martín Roldán              - Guillermo Martínez Mazón

- Raquel Paredes Ballester                       - Silvia de la Cruz Madrid Ayuso

- David O'Dea Rodríguez                          - Sofía Ortiz López 

- Eric O'Dea Rodríguez

And... We are "THE LOONATICS"!  Here we' ve add a photo of our pet group, ERIZIN 

Here is our group pet, ERIZIN

In our first class we had to present our selves and we had also to make a picture describing our lifes, hobbies and favourites things. Here they are: