Task 2


We start a new week with a different role and with a different task, Task II.This task will be related with the different kinds of maps proyections we can have ( Robinson, Mercator, and Azimuthal), the concept of distorsion and tresure hunt, and we have related this task with the slogan "Media is not neutral".We started working on this neww task about map proyections since Monday. We organize the work and at the end of the class we shared the information that we had obtain. Our stars have meet via Skype to organize and get a better presentation of our work. To show the work we did we have created a presentation via powerpoint and we have also create a handmake poster that shows the differences between the three kinds of maps proyections.

All went well, and the work was on time. On Wednsday our stars did an excellent work in the exposition and we think that the people enjoyed . Here is a photo of the presentation and one of the group just after finishing the classroom activity.


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